CloudFiles' Content Library: Secure, track & automate content

CloudFiles' Content Library: Consolidate, secure, track & automate your files

CloudFiles' content library is a simple yet powerful tool to consolidate all the various types of content you may have stored/hosted in different places. It helps you create a single, trackable document library. Through the CloudFiles content library, you can secure and share your documents with anyone.

How to use the CloudFiles' content library?


You can import, share & track file using the CloudFiles content library in a few easy steps as illustrated in the infographic above.


Registering a CloudFiles account


If you don't already have an account, head over to our website to create a free CloudFiles account now.


Accessing the Content Library


Currently the content library is accessible through the dashboard and from the CloudFiles' HubSpot widget in any deal / contact / company record. Refer to the image below.

Uploading files into content library


You can easily upload a variety of files (& webpages) into the CloudFiles content library. The library supports a variety of files types including PDFs, Word Documents, PPTs, spreadsheets etc... At the same time, you can import these files from a variety of sources.


Here is a list of supported types: doc, docx, epub, eml, htm, html, md, msg, odp, ods, odt, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, tif, tiff, xls, xlsm, xlsx


Contact us if you don't see your file type in the list. We are constantly adding new ones.


As shown in the image below, CloudFiles can enable secure file sharing & tracking for your content in Google Drive, OneDrive, Box & Dropbox  by allowing you to directly import files.

Creating & Configuring File Links


You can directly generate and configure trackable document links from the content library as shown in the image below. You can put up various kinds of security settings on your files to share them securely. Click here to know more about enhancing document link security through CloudFiles.

Sharing & Tracking File Links


The content library also allows you to directly track PDF analytics as shown in the image below. You can track document metrics such as views, opens, downloads, time spent on each page etc... Click here to know how to use CloudFiles' detailed file analytics on documents such as PDFs, Word files, presentations etc...

If you still have queries, let us know